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ULTI Coin how it works? Everyone likes playing video games. In just ten years the number of players has increased more than twenty times. Statistics speak for themselves. In 1995 there were 100.000.000 players, compared to today when there are 2.600.000.000 people playing. People play games for different reasons, some just to pass time, while others made it a profession. In any way, the gaming community has one thing in common - devotion and love for their favorite games. That is all we ask from them.

Earn in-game currency

Video games can be played on many platforms. No matter the platform-pc, console or mobile - and no matter what kind of game it is - first-person shooter, massively multiplayer online, role-playing game, strategy, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) or something else - they all have one thing in common...in-game currency.
Games give them a reward for different things that you do. Sometimes all that is needed is to log in the game daily, sometimes you need to grind for hours. You can use those currencies to buy different items or perks in the game. But what if you don't need them anymore?

Exchange your in-game currency for ULTI Coin

ULTI Coin team is working hard to get adopted by as many game companies as possible so that our platform would be on as many games as possible. That is our primary goal. By getting implemented, our
project gains weight. What does it actually mean? It means that more and more players will be able to change their currency from their favorite games - which is our goal from the start.
Thru in-game and Ulti exchange you have the opportunity to choose to take fiat values ($,€) instead of crypto. U can use them to buy any other in-game currency. In that way, you can exchange one
in-game value for another - no matter the company. In that way, if you get bored by a certain game you can always exchange value from that one to different one that is more interesting.
We come to a point where the use of our platform gives true real-life value for a time you spent enjoying your favorite game.

Exchange ULTI Coin for fiat money or other in-game currency

The last step in the realization of our project is adoption by crypto exchanges so that users of Ulti platform will be able to convert their coins for crypto or fiat values.
Our mission is to get to exchanges that are already well known to the crypto community, that are already safe and secure. This way everyone will be able to legally exchange their in-game coins for real life money - for the first time in history.

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