The idea started in late 2018. As the Cryptocurrency growth wave began to rise, more and more people got on the hype train.
Bitcoin rose to its highest peak ever, with almost 68 000$ per piece.

Many gaming crypto-coins were made at that time, yet none of them gave full functionality and benefit for both gamers, gaming companies,
developers and traders alike. At that time Ulti Coin idea came to fruition, and the core team was made. Ulti Coin is the first crypto-coin that will benefit everyone.
It is based on a platform that will allow gamers to exchange their in-game currency for crypto, which they can then exchange for real money.
By adding themselves to Ulti Coin platform, gaming companies would get a higher player base, percentage of sold tokens in their games,
which automatically raises their income per added game.

For the project of those proportions, a team of various experts in their fields was acquired, counting more than 20 people. As Bitcoin grew so did the other blockchain based coins. One, in particular, was Ethereum, so-called future of the internet. With its transaction speed, network safety, ICO support, and transparency, it was an easy choice for Ulti Coin creation.

This project is trying to create a true gaming revolution from which everyone would profit. It is something that will gradually, game by game,
envelope the gaming industry as a whole. One coin to rule them all.

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