The gaming industry as a whole has such a potential that many people are not even aware of. There are billions of dollars trapped not only in AAA, but also in indie and smaller games that people play every day. Money can buy a lot of things in this life, but time is something you can never turn back or buy, it is precious beyond everything. I am a gamer, and I enjoy playing video games. Yet time that I spend playing, people around me considered lost. Every game can take my money, but there is none that can pay it back, no matter how much time I spent on playing it and getting better and stronger in it. You can buy diamonds, gold, energy, stars and so on, but once you play enough and have to much of game resource, you can not sell it for real-life currency. That is when I got my idea.

ULTI Coin is the first crypto that can give you that option. ULTI is the first coin that can make your “lost” time worth something more than just your personal pleasure for playing. It took a long time to find people who are experts in their fields of work, who are trustworthy, true team players, to form the team this project needed for it to function.

Now, after more than a year of hard work, it is my pleasure to announce that our project is coming to finalization.

With this announcement, I would like to first and foremost address gamers, who are going to use our coin more than anyone else. Our coin is made with the intent to be visually recognizable with its color and shape, especially for you. No matter if you are a professional, or casual gamer, with it you can make a profit with any adopted game that you play.

Considering traders, we have a special discount for our presale, that is fifty percent. As soon as we get to the soft cap we are planning to go to all viable and safe crypto exchanges.

And last but not least, we have negotiations with several important gaming companies scheduled in the near future. Can you imagine player base growth of any game that adopts real money transactions directly in their game?

If you like our idea, and you would like to see it work… support us!
• We are trying to make the gaming world better.
• We are trying to make the gaming revolution that profits everyone.
• We are trying to make one thing that connects all games, gamers, and game companies.

ULTI Coin – One coin to rule them all!

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